Comeco V

  Rancho Bueno Suerte, Fresno, CA  announces the acquisition of Comeco V, 2007 Revised APSL Lusitano stallion. Comeco will instantly capture you with his hypnotic gaze and mesmerizing quality. He has a spectacular three dimensional shimmer to his coppery coat. He has the most kind and gentle nature you could possibly imagine attainable by a stallion. For mare owners seeking a stallion that offers a total package, Comeco has flash, brains and athleticism with the added bonus of color.

   Comeco’s striking beauty and his compact, round physique is reminiscent of the old baroque paintings.  His conformation is very classical old style.   He stands at 15.3H with excellent bone substance and balanced proportions.  From his finely sculpted head and highly arched neck to his ample hip and deeply sloped croup, he is a true picture of beauty. And that’s only the start!  Comeco has extraordinary power in his gaits, with a highly suspended trot, lovely straight extensions and powerful impulsion from behind. Whether standing or moving, he commands attention and admiration. 


  Comeco has an outstanding pedigree. His imported dam, Recusa Interagro, was revised by the team of Portuguese judges in the USA and received the highest score in the country that year! Her bloodlines are Andrade and Veiga, with some of the most illustrious stallions in the breed, Dragao II and Yacht. Her sire, Farao, was the champion of the Golega Fair in Portugal as a 3 yr old. 

Mistral do Top, sire of Comeco V
  Comeco V’s illustrious sire, Mistral do Top, 16.2H Palomino stallion imported from Brazil, won the 2005 breed championship best of show held in Santa Barbara under the international judge/breeder ArsĂȘnio Raposo Cordeiro from Portugal who was very complimentary of him.  Mistral is sired by Afiancado do Flandres a preeminent producer in Brazil.  

  Comeco bears the distinction of his wonderful heritage and is a genetic treasure.  He is schooling in classical dressage, is a very capable mount for la garrocha, doma vaquero and working equitation.  
Comeco is standing at stud in 2014. Fresh Cooled A.I.  Consider him for your breeding program!

For breeding information, contact
Lee-Ann Dumars, DVM
Rancho Bueno Suerte
Fresno, CA  
Cell 559.285.9604